No. 08

Unique earring designs carefully crafted and painted by hand on wood.

These earrings are incredibly lightweight, as they are made from 3mm Baltic Birch veneered plywood. The figure like designs are painted by hand with acrylic paint and varnished with a specially selected gloss finish designed for maximum UV protection before it’s assembled.

Please handle these with care. Keep them protected and away from dust, humidity and direct sunlight when not in use. Avoid the temptation to leaving them loose in a bag and understand that make up, hair products and lotions could rub off on them. Following these tips will help to preserve them over time.
They are varnished so cleaning them lightly with a damp cloth is safe.

Full length of this piece (not including the stud) is 2.5 in.

Golden 304 stainless steel ear studs and backings.
Please be advised, this is not solid gold and can tarnish over time.